Living Soil Jump Starter kit (Beneficial Life Inoculation Bombs)

Living Soil Jump Starter kit (Beneficial Life Inoculation Bombs)

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Living Soil Jump Starter (Inoculation Bombs)!  Excited for these bio-diversity inoculation kits!! Watch your soil come to life!

Gratitude to:

MI Beneficials:

Thank you for all your excellent knowledge of beneficial bug identification, propagation, and uses!  This guy is excited to spread the bugs!


Red Bud Soil Company:

Thank you for teach all how to propagate Rove Beetles!  This is an excellent addition to another close loop system for your garden, grow, homestead, or farm! :) Regenerative influence means the most to us at Green Earth! We love transparent companies like this who create beautiful organic products!   Spread the knowledge! Spread the love!  Red Bud Soil products hitting our shelves soon! 

Propagate your own Rove Beetle Supply!  Keep those babies going!

Start your potted container or raised bed the right way with a jump-start of microbes and beneficial soil insects and organisms